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1. i'm on twitter. if anyone's interested in what i have to say. (okay, i haven't said much yet. i don't get it yet. but i feel its acceptable to write half-assed sentences which does not a livejournal make.)

2. i have an exam on tuesday and i cannot wait until its over because its making me fucking miserable. not miserable in a justified way, miserable in a pathetic, teenage, loser of a way.

3. i am also going to be glad when it's over so that i can tidy my room. properly. with bin bags and pledge and dusters and stuff. its revolting. i do laundry then throw my clean clothes on a pile of dirty clothes then they get dirty by proxy or creased beyond belief and have to be washed again. and i've been sporting some unusual combinations to work (its good on scrubs days cos i can roll in in a disgusting tshirt and jeans, then get nice laundered scrubs at work).

4. i want trainers. mainly for the potential of doing some sort of exercise that i keep thinking about. (increasingly seriously). but i like brightly coloured ghetto type ones and i fear i maybe too old/white/fat to get away with them. lord, i haven't bought a pair of trainers in YEARS. like, maybe 8 years.

5. christ i'm distractable. now i'm looking at melissa plastic shoes and deciding whether they're the best things ever or really just one step up from crocs. which, by the way, i have taken to wearing at work raaather a lot. not mine though.

6. i'm going to eat some cabbage.

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. bought tickets for tomorrow, in a year in arhus in november. i'm quite ridiculous.
. i don't think i've announced to livejournal yet that i have a job in north west england (hopefully manchester) for two years starting in august. i'm super excited. core medical training. as i say, hopefully manchester. but it might be in any of these places. eeek! they initially said i'd know where i was going to be by the end of april, but a letter came yesterday saying they'll let me know by the end of june! wtf?! so that would leave me a month to find somewhere to live, get myself sorted etc. nice. at least i have a week off work in july which will help.
. at the moment studying to re-sit the exam i failed in january. i'm royally bad at studying though.
. i keep sleeping for like 12-13 hrs. when i'm not even tired. if i don't set an alarm i will sleep that long. its not entirely normal and it hurts my back.
. i have a poxy cold.
. i signed up for a five week jewellery course at brazen in june. going with my mum which is pretty cute although she's really artsy so will probs kick my ass in the making cool stuff stakes. mum & dad gave me some dosh for my birthday to go to a cookery class or something but the dates for the ones i want to go to don't really work out. i went to the seafood one in february, it was brilliant.
. i've been to nanakusa japanese restaurant twice this week. it's ace. really really good food and not the clinical warehouse feel of all other japanese restaurants i've been to in glasgow. they have a cook school downstairs. that would be quite a cool thing to do at some point. anyway the restaurant is to be recommended to any local folk.
. get your headphones out and visit the virtual barber shop.

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Good Friday? NOT SO GOOD FRIDAY more like!
i'm at work. 12 hour shift. woke up with cramps. dropped phone down loo, now not working. went to work.
almost fainted in theatre about 2ish because it was hot, i felt lousy, i hadn't eaten/drank anything. bit embarrassing.
busy day. eaten too much multi-grain ryvita. i hate it when i only bring healthy stuff to work. it forces me to only eat healthy stuff. how dull.
i wanted to watch 24 (to fuel my addiction) while i had dinner but it will not work on the computer. nor the dvd player.
le sigh. i shall go heal the sick instead.

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every time i come on livejournal these days i get sidetracked by and don't finish reading people's entries or post anything myself.
today, however, i got distracted by and after a slightly strained initial conversation with someone in china, i am having a lovely chat right now with a brazilian politics student. its bizarre.
i don't know whether to buy tickets for the darwin/knife opera ( and risk not being able to get to denmark at the right dates. i move to manchester in august and don't know my rota for this time so it is a gamble. but a gamble is maybe better than not buying tickets, getting time off and finding it is sold out. right?
new royksopp album is brilliant. karin dreijer andersson obsession is blooming.
i'm having the most boring morning ever. help me.

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i went to london for five days and had a marvellous time. so exciting to spend more time with creative types. especially ones who can get you free tickets for spectacular shows like la clique which i absolutely recommend to any of you in/going to london. i also saw some marvellously free live stand up and a storytelling evening hosted by josie long.
i went to museums and galleries: tate mod, darwin, hunterian pickled things in jars, john sloan's house. nice walks in the morning frosted sun and the afternoon rain.
and every day perfectly finished with watching masterchef on iplayer in bed. i'm so tragically addicted.

i read tracey emin's "strangeland" yesterday. it's an engrossing read, and definitely worth it if you're in any way interested in her. i also picked up a beautiful jenny holzer book in the tate, and i'm so excited to read the interviews and essays in it. she's so awesome to me, and i don't even know why. they have some of her inflammatory essays in the tate modern just now (and a lot of other places, i think. she seems to be in most modern art galleries i go to these days) and i shed a tear reading them. discreetly. not like the man in the corner of the room sobbing sobbing hard. i get so moved by men crying. but it's powerful stuff, i suppose.

i have had a craving to sew for the past few days, so today dug out a half-finished (maybe more like a quarter) tapestry of a polar bear that my mum can't finish because of her sore hands. it's so mindless and therapeutic. i'm so mindless just now actually. there are massive, devastating things happening in the world just now. i read headlines but am completely out of touch. it's rude but it is keeping me relatively sane.
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things i keep talking about and don't do, that i must do soon:
.use my pasta maker. i was given it for my birthday in march 2007, was so so so pleased to be given it and haven't used yet, which is frankly rude.
.sew sequins on an old jacket i never wear any more, a la dries van noten.
.keep a list of things i have seen that i want, so that i only buy things i have liked for a week or more, rather than impulse buys all the time.
.get my laptop fixed. using the family pc is starting to drive all of us bonkers.
.buy a paper notebook to write things in so that i remember them better.
.book a massage.

today i am mostly loving the 13 hour sleep i had, how good my skin feels and martin skauen drawings.

i did an exam yesterday for the first time in years and it was almost exciting! the actual six hours of pure exam boredom (especially cos at least 3 of those hours were spent sitting watching the clock after doing all the questions and you weren't allowed to leave early) were not so exciting, but there was a wee buzz of adrenaline and some hefty gin-drinking afterwards. plus the aforementioned 13 hour sleep. mmmmmm.

buy/download/steal the fever ray album. it's dark and delicious.

i lost myself.

.i'm not lonely, just lazy.
.favourite moment of the year so far: in the comfiest bed in the world, with a best friend on either side, one of my dogs at my feet and the other lying on my belly on a sunday afternoon. perfect.
.i cleansed my ipod and firmly believe it is the best music collection in the world.
.speaking of which: i'm downloading the fever ray album. i'm incredibly excited.
.i have an exam on tuesday. i haven't had an exam in years. i'm possibly excited!
.i want to go away for a long weekend over my birthday. possibly berlin. it seems a shame to go back to places i've been when there's so much world to see but sometimes the familiar is comforting.
.flathunting. i have so much desire for my own place right now, with enormous bookshelves and big colourful cushions. i have job applications to do, and hopefully jobs to be offered, before i can do anything about it.
.i watched tideland the other day. the most magical and sinister film i've ever seen. i think i loved it but i'm not entirely sure.
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i'm so exhausted i feel kinda ill. my body aches and my guts are all over the place(too much info, i apolosise). i can't even complain about it because i'm constantly surrounded by actually ill people. i guess that's what three nightshifts in a month will do to you. i'm not very good at sleeping on nightshift either - not because i can't sleep in the day time, i'm great at sleeping in the day time, but because i see it as a free day off. until it gets to 10pm and i realise i've had a fun day but then have to go and work for 12.5 hours.

despite that i'm going out for mongolian barbeque and drinks tomorrow! providing i get paid. i have 65p to my name. it's super glamourous. i have made shopping baskets on online shops so i can just hit "buy" when my paycheck comes through. there is some gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous jewellery in urban outfitters just now.

oh my god i go to dubai in two and a half weeks. i'm excited. (that's why i have no money). i need sunshine. this cold is making me wheezy. lying on a beach with my backlog of novels to read....

i can't decide whether to go to a halloween party on saturday or not, but the company will be good. i'm feeling uncreative though. i wanted to make a knife-style beak mask to wear with a normal outfit but i'm not sure i have the time or energy for so much paper mache. i have been saying for ages i need a creative outlet though....hmm. so many thoughts.